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Since its establishment in 1980, Iran Koobesh (IK) has been involved in manufacturing of industrial components. With the capabilities achieved through production of different components, ranging from automobile parts to the components used in gas industries such as gas meters, however, IK has been mainly focused on manufacturing of telecommunication towers due to the demand caused by the rapidly growing mobile networks in Iran over the past decade. Thanks to the high quality products it has delivered in conformity with the relevant national and corporate standards, IK has succeeded in supplying towers to the key players of telecommunication industries of Iran namely Mobile Communication Company of Iran (MCI), MTN-Irancell, Rightel and Telecommunication Infrastructure Company of Iran (TIC).

The area of activity of this Company is summarized hereunder: Design, calculation, consultation and manufacturing of different kinds of easy-installable prefabricated masts with three stands (KEI) and four-stand masts (NBS), which have exclusively been designed and calculated by this Company- Compact Lattice masts, and different types of lattice masts, kinds of RDS masts, different kinds of RD masts, types of NB masts, designing and calculating free stand masts, kinds of POLE masts, different types of harness masts of G35 to G60-kinds of Monopole masts to 42m in height, and manufacturing all accessories of masts and telecommunication structures- Bar A- manufacturing different kinds of MDF and DDG ladders- Siemens pattern- manufacturing kinds of inner hall structures ladders -kinds of X-POLE and V-POLE structures ladders- types of stand of radio antenna and accessories of BTS sites, chassis (Outdoor and indoor), maintenance, design and construction of BTS site, Kafo box, site acquisition (SA), construction of anti-theft fences and the ones.

This Company has founded a belief leading to growth and promotion in telecommunication industries and also offers the best affordable price and encompasses creativity and quality. Benefitting from a valuable capacity in design and fabrication that has been obtained through more than 30 years of continuous presence in production of various structural components, products and accessories, Iran Koobesh would be honored to be a trusted partner in medium and large scale projects. Working together, we will win.



Views of our factory with indoor space of 3000 m2 and outdoor space of 37000 m2 is located in the suburb area of Tehran the benefits from good access to the transit routes.

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